2 in 1 Beauty Tips: Weight Loss and Skin Care

What is the secret to have quick weight loss and skin care simultaneously? Often, when you know someone getting on a diet program, you see that they only get thinner. Their face looks unfresh and their skin appears to be dull. Sometimes you can even notice that they have severe hairfall problems.

These noticeable negative side effects to diet is an example of a wrong diet program. So here are some effective diet tips that boost your skin appearance:

Weight Loss and Skin Care Tips: The Lemon Diet

Lemon is a good source of vitamin C and antioxidant. These two elements are often used in skin care products and skin-enhancing vitamins. Some even use vitamin C skin injection to instantly improve the fitness of their face. Not only that lemon is good for the skin, it is good for diet as well. How do you consume lemon? Divide it into two parts and squeeze the juice out into a small glass. After that, mix the juice with a glass of water. If you can’t stand the sourness, you can add one or two tablespoon of honey.

Why is this mixture good for quick weight loss and skin care? Lemon juice functions in the body as a toxin remover. It cleans your liver, kidneys, and bowel, and thus, is a great detoxifier. Having toxic-free organs affects the health of every cell in your body, including the cells of your skin. That is why when you eat clean, your skin is clean and as a result, it glows. As for weight loss, drinking lemon juice suppress your appetite, while at the same time, giving more energy. Honey acts as a natural sugar source and immunity boost. For the skin, honey is a natural skin moisturizer.

Weight Loss and Skin Care Tips: The Water Diet

Water makes up 70% of our body, so water plays a crucial role in our body. Water keeps the cells and organs working. So drinking a minimum of 2 oz. of water a day keeps the cells healthy. It also removes toxins and and clean the digestive system. Clean body means clean skin. Besides, drinking a lot of water can make you feel slightly more full throughout the day.

Consuming more than 2 oz. has no effect to your weight because water has zero calories.Essentially, dieting is not mere loosing weight. It is a process of removing excess fat that you don’t need as well as toxin removal. If you eat clean and properly, it is a guarantee that you will experience quick weight loss and skin care that is a bonus to your ideal body.

2 in 1 Beauty Tips: Weight Loss and Skin Care