Newborns Normal Weight Information

Normal weight gain for newborns is so important to know by every mother and new married couple. By knowing it, you can anticipate about baby’s weight at your first time delivering a baby. So, you will not feel worried either your baby is healthy or not. That’s why, knowing about that is important.

Well, do you want to get the information related to baby’s normal weight? If you want to know about it, you can keep reading here. This article is going to discuss about normal weight gain for newborns. Let’s check it below and find your best information here!

Baby’s Normal Weight

For the newborns, normal weight for them is 2.5- 4.5 kg. Basically, each baby has different weight for the first time they get delivered. Their weights depend on three factors. They are genetic factor, mother’s health, and nutrition supplying during pregnancy.

Actually, the most important thing is not about the weight when the first time they get delivered. But, you have to focus on weight development during their growth. Well, here is the list of normal weight for baby according to the age.

0- 3 Months        : Their own weight after being delivered

4- 6 Months        : 6.3- 7.4 kilos

7-9 Months        : 8.0- 8.9 kilos

10- 12 Months        : 9.3- 9.9 kilos

Well, this list can be your reference for knowing baby’s normal weight. If you find any different result with your baby, you can check and consulate it to the midwife.

Baby’s Normal Weight

You can measure baby’s weight according to three bases. First, you can check their weight whether it has reached the weight of World Health Organization standard.  You can check the kinds of standard weight for baby at its official website. Then, you can check their height. You also can use WHO standard to know the normal height for baby. You can visit WHO official website about baby’s normal height. So, you will get easier to know about that.

Last, you have to measure the size of your baby’s head circle. If you want to measure it, you can go to the doctor or midwife. They have special tool for measuring it. Besides that, you can ask some explanation about your baby’s health and growth.

Well after the discussion above, the most important point for you is to take balanced nutrition for your baby. So, they will get normal growth. Finally, those are all about normal weight gain for newborns.