Phentermine for Breastfeeding Women

Can I take phentermine while breastfeeding? Actually, Here’s the several reason to answer it. What it is?

Can I take phentermine while breastfeeding?

One of the drugs that should avoided by breastfeeding women is Phentermine. Even during pregnancy period, because it can cause diabetes diseases and other side effects in certain case of women. Phetermine should be avoided before pregnancy period and after that. You can consult with doctor first before consuming any drug and getting more information about it.

For breast-feeding women, Phentermine for weight loss should be stopped, because it prevents any side effect for you, especially for your newborn baby. Why breast-feeding women should avoid Phentermine drug? As drug, Phentermine contains chemical substances such as sympathomimetic amines or Adipex-P. It can lead withdrawal symptoms effect, so it is not permitted for certain case like breast-feeding women.

Actually, Phentermine is a form of medicine that can use for reducing the appetite and can stimulate the nervous system in your brain. It helps you to lose your weight in proper manner.

Phentermine and breastfeeding side effects

In case pregnant women or breast-feeding women, it will lead many problems. It can cause under-weight babies or abnormality such as neural fault. For breast-feeding mother, it will disturb your healthy baby. Agitation and tremors can impact your baby for taking breast milk because Phentermine stimulates the central nervous system and it will cause side effects.

For any Phentermine user should get more information about Phentermine before taking it. You can consult with your doctor or other experts.