Best steroid for lean muscle gain

People work hard to build their muscle and sometime they do with add steroid to maximum the result. It is totally ok if you concern for the portion that you take. Builders are also using steroid to gain muscle, but what is the best steroid that you need to know.

This article informs to bodybuilder who wants to gain lean muscle. These steroid that I want to share with you will help you add significant quantities of lean muscle.


Testosterone is one of the best bulking steroid in the world, because it has ability to build lean muscle. Testosterone may come with a small amount of water retention. Unfortunately, the most toxic and powerful steroids cause the most water retention- ruining aesthetics. Then, the most powerful steroids often give you the most gains, like say – anadrol.


This supplement does cause some water retention. If you do not want to gain any extra water weight, look elsewhere. If you use a moderate dose and danabol only causes a little bit of water retention. It is too much water retention that means ugly, but a little bit of water retention means not a bad thing. Using a small amount of fluid can make you look smoother; which gives off a more natural look.


You should consider about most powerful steroid that cause most water retention. Trenbolone is a fracking powerful compound that can be used as a bulking or cutting steroid. Definitely, trenbolone will not make you gain any water weight. Some people say trenbolone side effects are harsher than other steroids. The other hand, it says it’s more or less the same as other anabolic. Whatever you will choose it and if you do this. You will grow to love this steroid.


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