Can Forskolin Really Increase Testosterone Levels?

Is there any correlation between Forskolin and testosterone? Can the herbal supplement increase testosterone levels in the body? Let’s take a look.

Forskolin is a supplement made from tropical plant named Coleus Forskohlii. The plant is native to India, but it can also be found in Nepal and Sri Lanka. Forskolin is a compound that can stimulate cAMP or cyclic adenosine monophosphate – a chemical that activates vital functions in the body. People in India have used it for centuries to treat asthma and heart problems. It’s reported that Forskolin can also boost testosterone.

Can Forskolin really increase testosterone?

One of the main factors which trigger the increase of testosterone levels is cAMP. Since cAMP is produced by Forskolin, then we can say that the herbal supplement can indirectly boost testosterone.

There has not been much research on Forskolin’s contribution to testosterone. But some tests do show that consumption of 250 mg of Forskolin twice daily for 10 weeks results in a significant raise of testosterone in the body. The testosterone levels in the users’ bodies increase up to 30%.

Do doctors approve the use of Forskolin for testosterone?

Since there has not been much research on Forskolin, not all doctors agree to prescribe Forskolin supplement for patients with low testosterone. It seems they’re still waiting for more research to be conducted.

However, almost all doctors admit the efficacy of Forskolin. They may still doubt Forskolin’s ability to boost testosterone, but they’re already sure about its benefits for health, especially in curing respiratory and cardiovascular conditions.

Why are people craving for testosterone?

Testosterone is an important hormone for growth, muscles, energy and healing. With high testosterone levels in the body, an individual can have more ideal body, higher energy levels and better health condition.

I hope more research on Forskolin can be conducted, so people will be surer to take the herbal supplement for boosting testosterone.


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