Capsiplex: Slimming Supplement That Should Have

When a diet supplement claims it can help you burn extra 278 calories a day, it just sounds too good to be true. Inevitably, such a supplement will make the headlines, but will its hype match its effectiveness?

This is the case with Capsiplex, a slimming supplement that helps people lose weight safely, affordably and effectively thanks to its potent fat burning formula.

Capsiplex Benefit

Capsiplex is a powerful dietary supplement that targets weight loss through a multi-action approach. Capsiplex’s patented and clinically proven formula:

  • Boost the metabolism
  • Burns fat
  • Increases energy levels and
  • Decreases one’s appetite


  • Efficient within a physically active lifestyle
  • Cannot be taken at late evening hours as it might disturb usual sleep patterns
  • Optimized performance only when taken with low-calorie diets
  • No adverse side effects, but some users report restlessness
  • Contains small amounts of caffeine


  • Increased energy which encourages more exercising and in turn weight loss
  • Appetite suppression, which contributes to weight loss success
  • Safe, specially designed to protect intestines from capsicum irritation
  • Safe, gradual and substantial weekly weight loss (2-4 lbs during the first week)
  • Independently Studied Formula
  • Cost-effective, affordable price with its benefit

What’s the Science behind Capsiplex

Capsiplex has two main ingredients, capsicum and caffeine. These ingredients both have scientific studies backing up their metabolism boosting abilities. According to a clinical trial done at the University of Oklahoma study participants who used Capsiplex had a 300 percent increase in calories burned after exercise.

Additionally there are many other studies that show the fat burning effects of coffee as well as the various fat burning benefits of capsicum. For example, this study shows that capsicum (the main ingredient in Capsiplex) has major fat burning benefits in a laboratory test on rats. The rats that were fed capsicum showed significantly more fat loss than the rats that were in the control group. Click here to read more about Capsiplex Studies

What People Said About Capsiplex

“This has given me a great excuse to eat the spicy foods that I so love. Never realised they were so healthy. The pills are working great. I didn’t really notice a difference for a week or so, then the weight started coming off. Only having to take one pill a day is really good too. I never forget!” – Joanne Y

“I have lost the weight much faster than the first time round so I’m REALLY pleased. My confidence is sky high again now and I’m ready to take on new projects. 
Nicola McClean – Celebrity and Model In The UK.

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How Expensive is Capsiplex and Where Can I Order It

You can only buy Capsiplex online through the Capsiplex Official Store. A month’s supply of Capsiplex is only 29.99$. Larger supplies of Capsiplex can also bought with bulk discounts. There also special offers such FREE 5HTP Premium Bottle + FREE Shipping Costs when order in Capsiplex Official Store – Check other offers only Here!


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