Forskolin and Testosterone

Testosterone is an important hormone for males. Especially for males who wants to build their body. Testosterone increases the rate at which lean muscle tissue can be built along with increasing strength gains and enhancing recovery.

Testosterone also increases the formation of red blood cells which provides additional oxygen to the blood allowing you to train harder and longer. It is considered as good for male to have proper testosterone intake. In men with low testosterone levels, increasing testosterone levels may provide several benefits. According to the Mayo Clinic, testosterone is responsible for:

  • Sperm production.
  • Regulation of the sex drive.
  • Production of red blood cells.
  • Maintaining facial and body hair.
  • Building muscle mass.
  • Regulating fat distribution.
  • Maintaining proper bone density

For people who wants good body shape, it is important for gaining muscle mass and losing fat and calories. Some people may Forskolin is one of magical weight loss supplements in the market. It called magic since it has amazing in losing weight by burning fat and leaving the lean muscle mass unaffected. Forskolin made of Indian coleus roots. This extraction used to help people losing weigh lose and prevent from serious diseases However, does forskolin really effect on testosterone level


It is shown in many research that forskolin does increase your testosterone hormone level. There has been a study that had two groups of people participating. The groups were the following:

  • Forskolin group, which had 15 men participating and supplemented with 250mg of Coleus forskolin extract (with 10% forskolin) twice a day for 12 weeks
  • Placebo group, which had 15 men taking the same amount of pills that did not have any formula or extract inside them

The increase in free testosterone was another thing that was present in the forskolin group. According to facts, testosterone stimulates the release of fat from fat cells which is another way to describe the fat loss observed in the study. Additionally, the rise in testosterone promotes an increase in muscle mass.


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