Forskolin as a Part of Daily Healthy Diet

Forskolin is dietary supplement that’s still relatively new for people in Europe and US. However, it has been used since ancient times in Ayurvedic system.

Forskolin is an amazing compound extracted from the roots of Coleus Forskohlii – a beautiful Indian plant with purple flower. Health practitioners in India use Coleus Forskohlii traditionally to prevent and treat some illnesses, such as asthma, heart attack, cancer, eczema and erectile dysfunction. Today, people in the West have included Forskolin supplement into their daily healthy diet for increasing testosterone levels and losing weight.

Forskolin as a part of healthy diet

Dr. Oz is the one who has helped to make Forskolin now popular in Western culture. In an episode, a committee asked him about the benefits of Forskolin. Dr. Oz answered that Forskolin has the main ability to lose weight. He even suggested the audiences to include Forskolin supplement into their daily diet as an effort for weight loss.

How Forskolin works in the body

Forskolin is known to stimulate a chemical named cyclic adenosine monophosphate or cAMP. The chemical activates and regulates cells in the body. When every cell functions properly, an individual will enjoy excellent health. He or she can also get rid of various major diseases.

Forskolin dose to take

Most Forskolin supplements come in powder form that’s encapsulated. Each capsule usually contains 10-50 mg of pure Forskolin. A good Forskolin dose for beginner is not higher than 125 mg everyday which can be taken in divided doses. For weight-loss purpose, however, 12 mg of Forskolin daily might be already helpful. But the user should also eat low-calorie foods and do regular exercise.

The benefits of Forskolin dietary supplement

The main benefit of Forskolin dietary supplement is to lose weight. Other benefits include relieving asthma, preventing heart attacks, curing diabetes, improving the immune system, increasing testosterone levels, etc.

If you feel that Forskolin is the supplement you’ve been looking for, then just buy it at your nearest health food stores. There are many brands available in the market, choose the most trusted one and recommended by a reliable health practitioner.

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