HGH Doping in Sport: Legal or Ilegal

The purpose of HGH use is generally divided into two: health therapy and sport. Today, I’m going to talk about HGH in sport.

HGH in sport refers to the use of growth hormone supplement or injection for the purpose of athletic improvement. HGH itself stands for Human Growth Hormone which is in fact produced by human body naturally. The general functions of HGH is to develop physical body, increase muscle mass, enhance stamina and accelerate injury recovery. Many athletes require higher HGH levels than average for competitive purpose in the field. That’s why they take HGH supplement or injection.

HGH doping

HGH supplement and injection were initially used for health therapy. But in the 80s, HGH began entering the market and then used by athletes to improve their physical performance.

In the US, the use of HGH in sport is considered illegal. But it’s no secret that many athletes there take HGH. The supplement and injection are present not just in one level of sport, but in all levels. HGH is used by athletes competing in bodybuilding, weight lifting, wrestling, swimming, cycling, baseball, soccer, skiing and other power sports. In fact, HGH abuse isn’t easy to detect if compared to other drugs like anabolic steroids.

HGH to treat injury

Athletes in power sports are easy to get injury. And one of the main benefits of HGH is accelerating injury recovery. The hormone has ability to rebuild damaged tissues within muscles caused by injury. Many HGH users say that they successfully get a quick recovery not only from injury, but also from fatigue.

Is HGH in sport legal?

As I mentioned earlier, HGH doping is considered illegal, at least in the US. Although the abuse is difficult to detect, but the effects of a long-term use will certainly be apparent. Therefore, some athletes only take HGH doping occasionally, especially during injury treatment. However you can take legal HGH branded supplement that good for you.


For public, the use of HGH supplement or injection is not prohibited, but they should have a doctor’s prescription. Some products of HGH supplement are even available freely at stores because they’re just stimulant or booster for natural HGH. One of the best HGH supplement that legally is HGH X2. It’s legal and safe to use.

What about for athletes? I don’t think they have a better option than to follow sport regulations in their respective federation. They have to be aware of all stamina enhancement products. If the athletes get caught using products containing substances banned by sport federation, their sport career is absolutely in danger.

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