How to burn fat quick with thermoginic, protein and creatine

Thermogenic is a metabolic process which your body burn calories. It means can help you to lose your weight.

In addition, creatine and protein supplements can help you to burn fat quickly, whatever you use thermogenic and creatine in the same or different time. Combining the two may have synergetic effect to support muscle building and fat burning.

According to the expertise, creatine lets muscle to produce energy faster, and the others benefit are giving you more power and strength to train harder and recover faster. Protein has amino acid that functions for muscle repair and speed up metabolism through its thermic fat burning effect.


Step 1

Use protein powder in the morning to suppress the stress hormone cortisol, which function to slow down metabolism and burn metabolically active muscle.

Step 2

You should consider to eat six more protein-rich meals per day, spaced two or three hours apart. When you eat your meals, protein creates a thermic effect. It effects to your body that expands more energy digesting it. Moreover, protein builds lean muscle, suppresses hunger and keeps your blood sugar low to avoid body fat storage. You can consider to consume such as turkey, chicken, fish, eggs or whey protein.

Step 3

Have a small portion of protein an hour before you work out, and it contains 50-50 blend of fast-digesting whey protein and slow-digesting casein. This menu will boost muscle recovery and supplies the needed amino acid to keep energy level. It will burn fat too.


Step 1

Consume five grams creatine four times per day for 48 hours. Loading supersaturates your muscle with creatine, supplying more energy for explosive strength training.

Step 2

Consume three to five grams of creatine before you workout. It function to provide a ready source of phosphocreatine for your muscle.

Step 3

Take another three to five grams of creatine after your workout with some high-glycemic carbohydrates.


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