How lose 10 pounds in a week?

How to lose 10 pounds in a week? Well, starving is not the right yet efficient answer. I will reveal an easy and efficient way to lose 10 pounds in a week without torturing yourself.

Laziness will be your most dangerous enemy during this weight losing program. Don’t worry, every step that will be revealed won’t disturb your work in the office.

In the morning

Wake up 2 hours earlier and put your boiling pan above the stove. Fill the boiling pan with one liter of water then ignite the fire. Take out three pieces of carrots, two pieces of potatoes, two eggs and 4 pieces of string bean.

Cut the vegetables into small pieces to ease and minimize boiling time. Clean all the ingredients with fresh water then put all the ingredients into the boiling water. After a few minutes, take it out one by one until it is well cooked.

All those boiled vegetables and eggs are your breakfast, if you still feel the hunger in your tummies, you can add the amount of vegetables (except potatoes, because it contains lot of carbohydrate).

You can customize the vegetables each day, here are the vegetables and food I recommend: cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, zucchini, parsnips, mushroom, pepper, onion, tofu, beans, and meat (in a proper portion). The point of this breakfast menu is the ingredients and the way to cook. Frying will pile up the calories and cholesterol in your body, so avoid frying food and change to boiling.

In the After noon

Do not eat fast food or junk food for your lunch, besides it contains a lot of calories that will make your tummies fat, it’s also less healthy than any other food you can find in the canteen. You can eat rice and any other carbohydrate, but in a proper portion.

Eat a lot of vegetables that contains few calories to fill your stomach. At noon, the most pleasure thing is to sip sweet and refreshing drink that contains lot of glucose. Avoid that kind of drink. Drink mineral water and eat some fruits at the end to wrap your lunch break in the office. I recommend you to pack your lunch at home, you can add boiled spinach, broccoli, corn and fresh lettuce to your lunch menu, and peel some tangerine as the closing dish.

In the Night

After 6 pm, do not eat carbohydrate and fat to fulfill your hunger. One of the best night menus I can recommend you is fruit, vegetables and cereals. Why Cereals? According to some scientific research, cereals can help you lose your weight up to 4 pounds a week if you consume it before going to bed. But, you still have to eat cereals in proper portion; the only food you can eat much is vegetables and fruit to fulfill your hunger. Diet doesn’t mean starving and torturing yourself.

The only food you can eat to fulfill your hunger outside the three periods above is fruit. In the weekend, you can add some sports to your agenda, like jogging around the park, swimming, or cardio. Spend your 1 hour of spare time in the weekend with sport to burn your fat and be happy.

Try this at home and feel the differences, that losing 10 pounds in a week is not an impossible dream. The menu recommendation and lifestyle above is the easiest way to answer losing 10 pounds in a week.


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