Low Testosterone Causes in Young Men

Millions of young men in the US suffer from low testosterone. I think it’s very important to know about low testosterone causes in young men.

One of the most important hormones for human body is testosterone. But it begins to decline gradually after age 30. In many cases, the decline can even occur in young men. Low testosterone symptoms include low muscle mass, low energy levels, loss of bone mass, decreased libido, hair loss, enlarged breasts, erectile dysfunction and infertility. For old men, those symptoms might be considered normal. But they can truly ruin the life of young men.

Low testosterone causes in young men

One of the best ways to prevent low testosterone is to know the causes. If a man already recognizes the causes, then he can avoid them. Here are several common causes of low testosterone in young men.

  • Pituitary disorders. Testosterone is produced by testes, but the control lies in a part of the brain called pituitary gland. Drug abuse often causes pituitary disorders and negatively impacts testes performance in producing testosterone.
  • HIV/AIDS. Another factor that can cause pituitary gland damage is HIV/AIDS.
  • Obesity. Excess body fat will affect not only the production of testosterone, but also the production of other hormones.
  • Medications. Some prescribed drugs can also have a negative impact on the pituitary gland. Men should consider the side effects of every medication they’ll take.
  • Stress. This is also the main factor causing decreased testosterone levels. Stress is not limited to emotional level, but including physical level.

What young men can do to reincrease testosterone

The best way to prevent or reverse low testosterone is lifestyle changes. The first step is certainly maintaining healthy diet to reduce fat. The second step is increasing physical activities which include fun exercise to avoid stress and improve physical performance. Third, joining a meditation group is a nice idea to cultivate awareness and brain health. If necessary, a young man may take testosterone supplement to normalize his testosterone levels.

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