Low Testosterone Symptoms All Men Should be Aware of

Testosterone levels in men decline with age. Low testosterone symptoms can occur and affect the quality of one’s life.

Testosterone is the most important hormone for men because it greatly influences their appearance and sexual performance. The hormone has a role in building muscle mass and bone density. It also maintains libido and regulates sperm production. Unfortunately, testosterone levels in the body will decrease gradually when a man reaches the age of 30. Today, testosterone decline even occurs in younger men due to stress factors and unhealthy lifestyle.

The symptoms of low testosterone

Here are the low testosterone symptoms that every man should be aware of.

  1. Low sex drive
    No hormone is more vital in stimulating libido than testosterone. When a man starts aging and losing testosterone, his sex drive must drop.
  2. Erectile dysfunction
    Testosterone is not that main factor for an erection, but it stimulates the brain which makes erection to occur. A man with low testosterone may get difficulty to have erection or maintain his erection.
  3. Muscle loss
    One of the main functions of testosterone is to build muscle. When testosterone is low, a man must experience loss of muscle mass.
  4. Fatigue
    If you always feel tired and sleepy all the time, it means your energy level is very low. The cause is low testosterone.
  5. Increased fat
    Increased body fat occurs in many men with low testosterone. And some of them may experience breast enlargement. The cause is hormonal imbalance in their body.

The symptoms of low testosterone are not limited to the five points above, but they still include hair loss, low sperm quality, decreased bone density, mood changes, etc.

A man with low testosterone, however, may hope to regain his normal testosterone levels by eating nutritious foods, exercising regularly, avoiding stress and getting enough sleep. Taking testosterone supplements will help further.

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