Natural Anabolics are Excellent Alternative to Steroids Drugs

The topic of anabolic steroids is always controversial. Natural anabolics are excellent alternative to steroids and a way out of the controversy.

For many people, anabolic steroids have spoilt bodybuilding as a true sport, but some others say that anabolic steroids have helped bringing HIV sufferers to a normal life. I don’t want to go further into the controversy, but I think the invention of anabolic steroids has contributed greatly to mankind despite all their side effects.

Natural anabolics steroids

Natural anabolics can potentially replace steroid drugs. They contain steroid-like compounds, but work mildly and safely in the body.

  1. Wild oats
    The first one is wild oats, they contain saponins that have anabolic effects similar to those resulted by steroids. The saponins raise the levels of luteinizing hormone which triggers testosterone increase impressively.
  2. Celery
    Never underestimate celery. It’s one of the most powerful vegetables, containing androstenone and androstenol. Just by smelling the plant can even trigger testosterone production! If a man eats 5 sticks of celery everyday for one week, he’ll be able to reach greater orgasm during sexual intercourse.

    Don’t worry about aromatization because celery also contains anti-estrogenic compounds. Consuming a lot of celery is even helpful to balance hormones in the body.

  3. Pine pollen
    Pollen from pine tree amazingly contains natural testosterone identical to which our body produces. It’s even considered superfood because of containing 15 vitamins, 30 minerals, hundreds of enzymes, essential fatty acids and more than 20 amino acids. Pine pollen is available in tincture that you can consume as a substitute for anabolic steroids.

Going back to nature doesn’t mean limiting the achievement of your physical body. Natural sources even provide all powerful compounds required by the body to gain growth, strength and health. By using those natural anabolics, you have the opportunity to build your body naturally and safely, without any drug involvement.

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