Thermogenic fat burner is one of diets supplements that’s popular on the store. It is used to help people to lose weight. It is usually made by coffee beans and tea extraction, so they increase body temperature and help lose calories.

The thermogenic fat burner works by rising your body’s metabolism and stimulate fat burning.  However, many of these pills are considered as dangerous, since the side effects are crucial to your body. Before you take any thermogenic fat burner, it is better to know the danger of it, such as:

Liver damage.

Consuming thermogenic fat burner is bad for your liver health. The ingredients found in thermogenic fat burner, especially in hydroxycut, are able to cause severe liver damage. In 2009, the FDA issued a recall of the popular thermogenic fat burner Hydroxycut from the shelves because it caused liver damage ranging from jaundice to liver failure.

Anxiety, elevated heart rate and insomnia.

Thermogenic fat burner usually made of coffee beans and tea extractions. Those ingredients are contain caffeine which makes your hurt beat faster. The fast beating heart make you feel anxiety for period of time, until the stimulants effect is fade out. According to noted physician Andrew Weil, M.D., many thermogenic contain stimulants, which can cause a host of problems ranging from elevated heart rate to ongoing anxiety.

The stimulants properties of thermogenic not also give you anxiety and increasing hear beat, but also give you addiction. Since thermogenic able to increase norepinephrine hormone, it gives you the effect of increasing adrenaline. Dr. Weil also cautions that many of the stimulants found in thermogenic fat burners are physically addictive. If you stop taking them, withdrawal may result. Other side effect of thermogenic fat burner are sweating, high blood pressure and heart rate, anxiety, shaking, restlessness and nausea.

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