The Health Risks of Improper Use of Forskolin

Forskolin can help muscle building and weight loss. However, there are several health risks of Forskolin if you take the supplement improperly.

Forskolin is the result of extraction from the roots of a plant native to India. The plant has been used in Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times. Traditionally, Forskolin is a remedy for heart problems and asthma. Based on the latest research, the use of Forskolin for 12 weeks can result in the increase of testosterone levels and lead to muscle building as well as weight loss.

Health risks of Forskolin use

Because extracted from natural herb, Forskolin is generally safe for human body. However, the supplement is not without side effects at all. Improper use of Forskolin may cause the following health risks.

  • Fast heart beats. If you take Forskolin through an IV, your heart can beat faster and then you will feel anxiety or restlessness.
  • Irritation on the respiratory tract. Inhaling Forskolin has the potential to make irritation on the respiratory tract. It can also cause coughing and tremor.
  • Headaches. Too high dosage of Forskolin can stimulate headaches and even stinging of the eyes. The recommended Forskolin dosage for beginners is 125 mg daily.

Other risks

  • Kidney disorders. If you feel that your kidney performance is weak, don’t take Forskolin because it can affect kidney health.
  • Drugs interference. Forskolin interferes with some drugs, for example hydralazine, clonidine and beta-blockers. The drugs must become less effective if you take them with Forskolin at the same time.
  • Pregnancy problems. Doctors actually haven’t conducted research on the effects of Forskolin to pregnancy. Since there has not been any research on this, it’s better for pregnant women to avoid Forskolin for preventing pregnancy problems.

Although derived from natural source, Forskolin has the potential to put you in health risks. Therefore, always remember to use the supplement properly and responsibly. And don’t forget to consult your doctor.

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