Tips How to Lose Pounds Fast Methods Based On Your Blood Type

You have bought an enormously pretty dress to attend your friend’s wedding, but still have no clue on how to lose pounds fast so that you could fit the dress well?

There are millions ways to lose weight nowadays, but one of the famous and effective method is diet based on your blood-type. Why? Because everyone has different reaction at the food they consume. So, some people classified kinds of food you can eat well that give a positive reaction to your losing weight program. In this blood-type diet, foods are classified into three kinds.

The healing foods that can help you lose pounds, the neutral foods that is not too significant to be consumed and the disaster foods that can make your scale flying way too high.

Losing pounds for O Type

Green vegetables is your best friend, consume a lot of green vegetables to help burning fat. You need a lot of protein for your metabolism. Eat a lot of seafood to boost your protein needs. You can also consume some neutral foods in the right portion, like tofu, sardines, meat, chicken, and beans. Avoid mushrooms, potatoes, and any other vegetables that contain lot of lectin.

Losing pounds for B Type

People with b-blood type have a great antibody to prevent from diseases. Your healing foods are fishes, cheese, yogurt, broccoli and carrots. Meat, seafood, butter, eggs, and red beans are neutral; you can consume these foods to fulfill your hunger. Avoid chicken, nuts, wheat, avocado, corn, soda, and star fruit on your menu.

Losing pounds for A Type

The A Type is the vegetarian type. Their best friends are vegetables; you can add any kind of colorful vegetables to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. Or to fulfill your hunger, you can eat eggs, wheat, and chicken because it is neutral. Avoid any kind of seafood that can help you pile up fat to your tummies, and avoid red meat, cheese, ice cream, sweet potatoes, and milk.

Losing pounds for AB Type

AB is the most flexible blood type. You can consume almost anything because it won’t give you any significant impact to your body. But, you also have to avoid banana, soda, crabs, and duck. The healing food is red grape, goat milk, tuna, and low calories cream to strengthen your immune system and burning fat.

How to lose pounds fast is by keeping this blood-type diet for a week or more. The result will amaze you if you keep this diet into its right track. Do not eat way too much, eat enough food. Because the point of diet is eating as much as the energy you need, not as much as you wanted.

If you eat more than your energy needs, the fat will pile your tummies up. This is the healthy recommendation to answer how to lose pounds fast based on blood type , get started and get slim!


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