Using 5-HTP for a Highly Effective Appetite Suppressant

People who have overweight dreams to lose their weight. Weight maintenance is a long way off, and can only occur after a significant amount of weight is lost in the first instance.

The fact is, losing weight and keeping it off needs consistently to succeed as evidence by the fact that the majority of persons who lose weight within one to five years.

Frequently, diet is popular way to lose your weight and indeed you should eat less when your appetite is telling you to eat more. Furthermore, the real tricks are figure out a way to reduce your appetite so that eating less is easier to do, allowing you to lose the weight and keep it off. That’s where 5–HTP may be able to help.

What is 5-HTP?

5-HTP is a type of amino acid. Specifically, it is converted into 5-HTP in the body. 5-HTP can be produced syntactically, or it can be derived from natural sources. 5-HTP supplements are usually produced from Griffonia simplicifolia, a woody African shrub. This plants grows in western African countries such as Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Togo. In traditional medicine of those countries, the leaf and juice of the plant can be used for the treatment of wounds and nerve conditions.

How does it works?

Serotonin is called a neurotransmitter and it is a nervous system messenger. One of function of this hormone in our body is that it can help to reduce appetite. An effective alternative to prescription SSRI medications for appetite control is 5–HTP. In the body, 5–HTP is converted into serotonin. In fact, 5–HTP readily crosses the blood–brain barrier and increases central nervous system (CNS) production of serotonin. Serotonin also helps to reduce or stop the hunger pangs.  This is possible because there are numerous types of serotonin receptors in the brain, and two of them (called 5–HT1B and 5–HT2C) have been specifically recognized as promoting ser

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